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Do you use any of the following sites hosting your Swahili songs you are putting on your blog?

  • SoundcloudSoundcloud
  • HulkshareHulkshare
  • ReverberationReverberation
  • AudiomackAudiomack
  • MkitoMkito
  • etc.

If so let partner up and build the biggest Swahili Music Platform. Imagine if all songs hosted on each separate site are put on There will finally be a place to go to to find any Swahili song you are looking for. offer similar functionalities like any of above sites and the best part is built specifically to be a place to go to find swahili music online.

You can embed any SONG from Rubega to your site --> ↓ see below ↓

You can embed any PROFILE with Songs from Rubega to your site/blog --> ↓ see below ↓

You can embed any PLAYLIST with Songs from Rubega to your site/blog --> ↓ see below ↓

If you are blogger and interested please contact us and we can see how we can do this.

We do have incentives, financial or otherwise to make sure that we get you to host your songs on our platform.


Biographies for our favorite artists

Are you a writer/journalist/blogger who love to do interview and write biographies? If so please contact us. We are planning on adding a section for artists biographies on our site. Currently there is no place to go to find great content about our favorite artists like

  • What motivate them
  • How they come up with an idea for a song
  • What do their think of the future of music
  • Who they would like to collaborate with
  • How did they get into the music
  • Their inspirations
  • Hobbies
  • etc

Wasifu will be a place to find such information and more

We will provide you with all tools you need to perform your job. You will access to things like high quality cameras, laptop, concerts tickets, interview artists, voice record etc. We will get you pass to events and such so you can truly get a picture of the artist life so you can translate that into a worldclass biography.

If you are interested please contact us.


Do you like blogging? Do you have already have a blog and looking for a partner? If so please contact us. We are planning to add blog on and you may just be the head of our blog section

This blog will be dealing with news and avoid tabloid stories. It will be more about swahili music's present and future.